I know that a house is technically just bricks and mortar (plus hopefully a little bit extra) but really, it’s so much more than that. It’s all of the memories and little quirks that have made it a home.

Every seller and their agent can pretend they’re all business; but they truth is, selling can be a seriously emotional experience. That’s where my goal to redefine the real estate service comes in. My clients and their feelings come first, because I’ve been there myself. I have years of experience as a buyer, seller and everything in between, and I know what kind of emotional rollercoaster the process can be.

I have a proven sales approach that involves multi-platform exposure, buyer targeting, and utilizing the latest technology.

I take my personal experience, add in my unique set of skills, and create a stress-free, successful selling experience for the both of us.

Here’s what I focus on when I’m selling your home:

1The Research

I always educate my clients on what needs to be done to have a successful sale. When you’re buying, you compete with other buyers, but when you’re the one selling there’s still some competition. You’re up against other available homes in the area, so we have to price competitively. I’ll do this by generating a comparative market analysis (CMA) report that shows the price ranges of local houses, and focus on pricing your home strategically.

2The Marketing

I use effective and targeted marketing campaigns by sharing pictures and videos on social media, online and in print–your property really can’t be missed! I also reach out to my extensive RE/MAX network to see if their buyers might be a good match, and post your home in the MLS database so other agents can find it quickly.

3The Right Buyer

When it comes to selling, I’m all about the details. Each house is as unique as the owners that have made it a home. Instead of casting a large net and crossing our fingers, I really narrow in on what that the perfect buyer looks like and target the sale directly to them.

4The Technology

I study the latest market tools and am constantly looking for the newest technology to use, so my clients aren’t just keeping up with the market, they’re staying ahead of it. It’s the little things, like the aerial view videos I shoot using a drone that gives potential buyers a unique perspective of your property – literally.