I’ll be the first to admit that downsizing doesn’t always sound like the best thing at first. Sometimes, people associate downsizing with downgrading, but that’s not always the case! No matter the circumstances, downsizing your house can be a positive and freeing experience.

Less is more! Downsizing your home can give you the chance to do more of what you love in a house that better suits your needs.

1When Should I Downsize?

You might think downsizing only happens when you retire, but that’s not always true. Downsizing happens at any age or stage in life. Becoming empty nesters or newly single may mean finding a property that’s better suited for less people, and that you can tailor specifically to you. Some people downsize for convenience, like travellers who are gone most of the year and don’t want to pay for the maintenance of a large detached house. Often times, people downsize when they want to save more money, or to live in a desired neighbourhood where smaller spaces better fit their budget.

2Making Downsizing Easy

Moving to a smaller property may seem like an easy task, but it requires some tough decision making. Remember: downsizing means your house is literally going down in size, so you may have to let go of some of those space hogging furniture pieces and other belongings that only take up room. Moving to a new place is always a chance to start fresh! So now’s the time to make the most of it. Enlist the help of family and friends to help go through your things, and pass on some items to them.

3Emotional Preparation

Take the time to look at your situation to decide if you really need to downsize. Can you make the necessary changes to your current home to better suit your life through renovations or upgrades? If not, the next step is to prepare emotionally for the move. Most of the time, downsizing is done from a long-term family home to a smaller space to better suit the later years in life. This means leaving a house filled with memories and Firsts, which can make moving on difficult, so be sure to make the decision in your own time.

4What To Look For

The important thing to remember when downsizing is that you’re investing in your future. With my help, we’ll find you a home that not only suits your current lifestyle, but will make your coming years easier too. If you’re relocating out of your area, look for a friendly community you can see yourself thriving in. A tight knit neighbourhood with local amenities and community activities always helps turn a new house into a home.