When people buy real estate in Fort McMurray, they’re investing in more than just a house; it’s all about the vibrant community and in many cases unparalleled economic opportunities. People come for families to work, stay and grow., It’s all about strength in working together; and I think the selling process should reflect that.

Together, we’ll showcase your home’s unique features so it’s true potential shines through.

Want a fast, stress-free selling experience? Who doesn’t! Make it happen by following these 7 tips for selling in Fort McMurray.


1Price Matters

All sellers want to make a good profit, but overpricing isn’t the way to do it. It only pushes potential buyers away and makes the property sit on the market for longer. Price it right the first time and it will be the only time.

2Picking the Right Agent Really Matters

You have to feel good about who you work with, and a good way to get there is by asking family and friends for recommendations. I like to sit down with prospective buyers and sellers so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

3Curb That Appeal

You only get one first impression, so be sure to focus on the front of the house. To buyers, polished on the outside means polished on the inside, and there are tons of budget-friendly ways to achieve that. You can follow me on Pinterest to see my favourite decor ideas for inside and outside the home.

4Don’t Skip Staging

Some people associate staging with a lot of work and extra money. But there are different levels of staging depending on what you need: moving furniture, declutter, painting, and if you needed it, hiring a professional. Any of these things will help show your home’s full potential.

5Make It Shine

One surefire way to make your home more attractive to buyers? Clean it! A messy house doesn’t seem “homey” or “lived-in”; it only distracts from the selling features, and gives the impression that the house isn’t well-maintained.

6Sniff Test

Are you nose-blind to your house? If you’re a smoker or pet owner, you might not notice the way your home smells–but potential buyers sure will. You don’t need to go candle-crazy, just use a good odour neutralizer to eliminate any unwanted scents.

7Don’t Stay for the Showings

Recognize when its time to step back. Buyers don’t need a step-by-step tour of where Johnny took his first steps and Susie was potty-trained. This is their potential home to create their own memories in.