There’s something so special about the beautiful North. All you have to do is watch this video to see why people are fascinated – seriously, take a look for yourself. But it’s more than just the economic oppertunities that draw people in–well, at least it was for me. I love Fort McMurray’s adventure-seeking atmosphere and the unique people that also call it home. (If you watch closely, you can even find me in this video!)

I’ve lived across Canada myself, from Newfoundland, to BC, but Alberta is home. From the landscape to the people; every city has a little something different to offer, and Fort McMurray is a perfect example of that.

If you’re thinking of relocating to Fort McMurray, do it! But if that’s not enough for you, here’s a bit more information about our great Northern home:

1Our Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to rent, buy, live the rural life, or settle in an established urban neighbourhood, Fort McMurray has a home for you. Single family houses, condominiums, and tons of investment opportunities await!

2Our Economy

Fort McMurray is the primary home for employees working in all sectors of the oil and gas industry. With Compaines like Suncor, Syncrude & CNRL leading the way to deliver economic prosperity and a healthy environment for today and tomorrow. Living in Fort McMurray is different to living in a major Canadian city, as some facilities are quite limited, However Fort McMurray residents are proud to support local; it’s a creative city full of entrepreneurs, so residents never run out of local one-of-a-kind businesses to check out.

3Our Education

There are public and Catholic elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Fort McMurray that attract students from around the world. The variety of Francophone, and religiously affiliated schools offer educational experiences that cater to Fort McMurray’s diverse community. Post Secondary schools like Keyano College attract tons of students looking to continue education in the feilds of Nursing, Business, Education, Sciences & Environmental Technology, Trades & Heavy Industrial courses are offered to meet everyone’s needs.

4Our Weather

Only the tough can handle our kind of weather. Our long, chilly winters are a part of the package that comes with living in the great Canadian North. But not to be forgotten are the beautiful warm summers. Being nestled in the boreal forest, provides for ample activity — it’s an adventure-seekers paradise — with over 130 km of maintained trails, the Athabasca and Clearwater rivers, sand dunes, great skating, skiing, golfing, and so much more!

5Our Healthcare

Our health services are managed by the Alberta Health Services Authority, with 1 main hospital,  and 10 Medical clinics available. The Fort McMurray health care systems has a varitey of health and crisis agencies such as The Canadian Mental Health Association and Some other Solutions which provides emotional support to individuals struggling with life’s challenges and crisis situations. Fort McMurray  is also supported by a variety of holistic health care providers in the area.

6Our Transportation

Did you know you can catch a ride for as little as $1.25? The Wood Buffalo Transit System will get you all around the city in no time and has the lowest fairs in North America…! However the majority of residents in Fort McMurray use cars to get around, and many of the oil companies provide employees with a bus service to take them to and from the oil sands every day. Fort McMurray International Airport can get you anywhere else you need to go.